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EPISODE 67: New York City Feat: Tom Delgado

Joining The Narcisistas in the LOUVRE… I’m sorry The Brain Machine recording studio this week is Comedian, Film Maker and NYC Historian Tour Guide.. TOM DELGADO!! Let’s get into it! Wil is APE$HIT recycled hair-dos commanding the room EFFORTLESSLY, Court is getting Jay-Z together but in a lipliner because she found HERSELF, Leif misses the Obamas but they’re busy dancing at OTRII and Tom is singing HALO at a Singapore Hospital because The Narcisistas are SICKening! This week the subject is NEW YORK CITY and thank goodness because the bone structure is CORRECT! We teach Tom to EAT, take a moment for our HOTNESS, throw some European shade and find out why Court spends every morning at the top of the Empire State Building! “Pull over for the Picture!” and other hot Tourist Tips so you don’t get the $hit beat outta ya! We cover wild celeb sightings (was that William DaFoe arguing with a woman in Chinese?!) and we answer questions like… are New Yorkers mean? Here’s a hint… NO! But they will take a shit on 10th Ave! We talk NYC’s brand, how it’s changing the city, where so much of the public’s tax money is going and a LOT of other smart stuff! DELGADO for MAYOR! Get involved on a local level people! This might actually be the most factual pod in Narcisistas HERstory! So listen up if you want to hear all about The Big Apple including Lindsay Lohan’s Pu$$ at PLUM, SJP singing Beyoncé and Steven Tyler feeling her beat! We ALSO end this Ep with a tough round of our favorite game WHO’S YOUR DIVA?! Shoutouts to NY natives for not caring about Brandy!! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT for info on our NEXT LIVE SHOW!! August 30th at The Footlight!! We love y’all!

EPISODE 27: PORN feat: Joel Kim Booster

Oh girls it’s a steamy one this week on the Narcisistas! We talking PORN and you best believe you ain’t getting no face in our guests dick pic cause we got our famous BFF, Joel Kim Booster in the studio today! A quick Beyoncé check up on it proves once again Wil’s over here looking like Blue Ivy Carter while Courtney and Joel are still just wishing they were J Hud. What else is new? On to our subject! PORN. Ever heard of it? We talk our beginnings with it… late night HBO, erotic fan fiction, MTV’s Undressed, a quick sketch of a man “eating a banana”. There’s more nostalgia than your Spotify Time Capsule playlist! We talk our current use of it plus some additions… where our Props at (from the front to the back!) The wisdom is vast this episode everything from knowing people in porn to Mariah in her shoe closet to an innocent boat ride with Pam & Tommy all we can say is, “Not in front of our salad!” We even get down to the age old question, FUNNY PORN… who’s that for?! It’s a hot and heavy one but don’t worry you’ll have a chance to cool down with a little Country Time Lemonade and a rock solid round of “What gets you harder?!” We may not be Bernadette Peters queens but we do know a peaceful protest ain’t shit! Listen! Subscribe! Rate! Review! OH and if ya nasty go visit for so much more!

EPISODE 26: Will & Grace feat: Mike Abrusci

It’s another Brain Machine Comedy crossover episode y’all! This week we crossing over and coming out with comedian and host of TV Casualty.. Mike Abrusci! The show? Will & Grace. The vibe? Horny as hell. Will & Grace premiered in the fall of 1998 so this episode has all the late 90s references you could ever want (Kid Rock! Blackstreet! Mad About You!) and so much more! Wil presents his thesis on how Will & Grace is the reason gay marriage is legal in this Country, Mike is trying to become John Goodman and Courtney is a poor mans Karen Walker! After discussing this groundbreaking show we end the episode with a round of WHO’S YOUR DIVA?! We give out some Mariah love (forget about the Nick Cannon years), talk Beyoncé v. Oprah (actresses first) and Mike ends up incriminating a close friend (allegedly). Sit back grab your Space Jam gift with purchase, put on your Sudio Sweden headphones, subscribe, rate, review and LISTEN to the sound from deep within! Oh! Don’t forget to visit for so much other cool shit! We love you!